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The JazzVocals [d͜ʃæzˈvəʊkəlz] are a group of chaotic-creative individualists of very different ages: Around 25 singers are part of the Berlin based a cappella choir. The ensemble rehearses since 1991 at the music school Béla Bartók in Pankow-Weißensee, Berlin.

For us “Jazz“ is more of a universal idea. It describes everything that has a groove to it - be it songs by The Beatles, funk or world music. Our repertoire is quite colourful, ranging from jazz standards to pop and folk music as well as our own arrangements. We perform with passion and joy and our concerts are filled with improvisations mouth percussion and sound experiments.

The JazzVocals participated in numerous festivals and workshops throughout Europe and Latin America. We tied many connections as well as organizing and participating in exchanges with international choirs - always searching for unique harmonic compositions, eager to share experiences and to build new friendships all over the world.

Friendship is the center of the JazzVocals and that's what you can hear, see and feel. The fun we have at our concerts is contagious.

In April 2006, the JazzVocals received an award from the Landesmusikakademie Rheinsberg for outstanding achievements and in 2007, they won the Jazz and Blues Award Berlin.

After winning first place with „outstanding achievements“ at the Berliner Chortreff in 2013, the JazzVocals went on to win third place at the Deutscher Chorwettbewerb 2014.

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